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Applegate Valley Goes to Hospice du Rhone

Yes, the Applegate is stretching its wings once again. Last week I was pouring Cowhorn wines at Hospice du Rhone in Paso Robles. Hospice du Rhone is the largest gathering of Rhone style wine producers in the States. Lately I hear people saying that the Applegate is the up and coming Rhone growing region. Sort of a Paso Robles in the making. Surely I love when I hear that, as Cowhorn only grows Rhone variety grapes. But, in truth I think the magic of the Applegate is that we can be home to great wines from many varieties. Our climate and geology offer diversity that is not matched anywhere in the world other than the rainforests! From the Applegate, one can experience unique wines produced from many varieties. One aspect about fine wine growing that makes folks wax poetic is the mystery of the vintage. Here in the Applegate, unlocking the mystery of our farms is equally as romantic! Barbara Steele

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