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Wine Country, the way it should be.

– Sunset Magazine

An AVA of it’s own

Fifty mere miles long, the Applegate Valley heads north from the California border, following the meandering and crystal clear Applegate River. Forested hillsides surround a valley that is fertile and temperate, hosting numerous fields of fragrant lavender, meticulous small family farms growing organic produce, and roaming herds of grass-fed cattle. Within this dynamic terrain is a special 275,000 acre wine appellation known as the Applegate Valley AVA.

Contained within the Rogue Valley AVA, which itself is part of the larger Southern Oregon AVA, the Applegate Valley AVA is represented by the Applegate Valley Vintner’s Association, a group of 18 unique wineries producing a diverse array of wines: high quality and hand-crafted wines that have made this one of the most interesting wine regions in the west.

Home to 18 distinct wineries.

Distinctive from land to glass

Wine regions around the world share many common attributes: striking scenic beauty, lovely country roads leading to appealing tasting rooms, the inspiring scene of rows upon rows of well-tended grapevines stretching up and away and out of sight. There are usually friendly and unassuming people who work hard every day to perfect the fine art of making wine. Then, of course, there’s the sheer pleasure of the wine itself.

Sometimes, though, a wine region is all of this and then some. In these rare cases, the scenery is that much more striking, the people that much more accessible, and the wine – well – that much more exciting.